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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whatnots And Doodads

Whatnots and Doodads
Stacey Kennedy

Since this book first came out, I will admit . . . I lusted after it just because the cover is AMAZING!
Then I finally got my copy (thanks to the 50% off weekend over Memorial Day weekend).

I picked it up today and honestly, I was hooked before chapter one was over.

For Bryanna, being a Witch hasn't been all that great. In fact, it's been down right embarrassing. Her boyfriend, Layton had pretty much told her to stop using her magic, PERIOD. Feeling like an outcast, she takes off . . . looking for some place to belong.

Strange Hollow, a place where everyone is welcome . . and being different means nothing there. Bryanna finds herself in the hands of Zeke, a demon. In the process of showing her the town, finding new clothes, and where she will be staying . . Zeke also finds a door to her heart, maybe.

Go ahead and grab the sunscreen and park it in front of the pool with this read . . that's what I did!

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