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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Renee Vincent

It wasn't long ago that I signed up to do reviews with the blog
Romancing the Book
It was through this new adventure that I was introduced the wonderful works from Renee Vincent.

Way back when (ok, so in the 90's) I found myself working for Books A Million and then Hastings. Having access to so many books, and yet I always seemed to find myself lost in the romance section . . . normally the historical romance.

Time for reading became less, the money for purchasing books became less, and reading sort of just fell to the side. Then last Christmas (2010) I was given the most awesome gift of all, the Nook.

Getting back into the game of reading, I found myself reading book after book . . . about Vampires and Werewolves.
Historical romances weren't even in the mix for me . . until Renee Vincent's book one of The Emerald Trilogy Raeliksen was placed in my hands.

It was a beautifully written story that impressed me greatly. Then I was asked if I would be interested in reading the second book.
Of course!
Mac Liam didn't disappoint either.
I was so ready for the final book and crossing my fingers I would get it for review. I did!
The Fall of Rain, totally blew me away.
It is hands down my all time favorite of this series.

So, Please . . if you enjoy historical romances please pick up this series, you won't regret it.

Below you will find cover pics (drool worthy) as well as links to the review that was written over at Romance the Book. Purchase links are also provided below.

Renee Vincent

The Emerald Trilogy

Raeliksen Review

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