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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hybrid Misfit

Hybrid Misfit
Eve Langlais

Truth or Dare?


Why did you purchase Hybrid Misfit?

Answer: TRUTH . . . because I liked the title.

So, when someone asks . . "What is in a name?", the answer maybe very well be . . a whole hell of a lot!

Oh, and once again . . just look at the cover!!! For as "cool" as it looks . . it's really super HOT!

Now, with the truth being out there . . that I wanted this book based on the title and the cover art . . one may ask, did you enjoy it?

Umm, is the sky blue?
Do children talk back?

Heck yes I enjoyed it.

Mixing DNA is never a good idea, just ask this Hybrid Misfit whose very existence will change the world.

I lost my humanity in a government experiment, and now find myself hunted because of it. Demons, vampires and even angels—everyone wants a piece of me. I say bring it on and prepare to die, because I intend to fight for my right to live.

A chance meeting with a giant shifter and his best friend--an actual genie with a bottle--has evened the odds just as a prophecy involving me increases the danger. But, this Hybrid Misfit isn’t about to give up, and with my lovers supporting me, I will change the world—and discover that two naked men in bed is better than one.

Warning: Hot threesome story with all the focus on the woman.
-Pulled from GoodReads.

This is one book that found me wishing it hadn't ended. The characters were a joy to read. Maybe the future can hold a book or two to let us know how Beth and her boy toys are doing . . as well as her BFF's.

With all the storms popping up here and there, this would be a great snuggle on the couch during a thunderstorm read.


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  1. Nice Cover! I think I'm going to have to pick this one up ;)