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Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Everlasting Bite

An Everlasting Bite
Stacey Kennedy

Well, Ms. Kennedy did it again! While reading this book I found myself once again on that rollercoaster of emotions.

Wiped a few tears, laughed out loud, and even caught my self grinning bigger than anything.

Life has never been easy for Rynn. Her parents picked drugs over being adults and caring for the child they brought into the world. Going to live with her grandfather, at least Rynn got to see what love was like. Then things took a turn for the worse and her grandfather got sick. Working any job she could, Rynn found herself working hard to not only provide what little roof she could over her own head, but also to pay for the cost of having her grandfather in a home where people could care for him.

It was the walk home from one of those many jobs that turned her life upside down and turned it inside out. Rynn finds herself having been attacked by a wolf and left for dead.

Enter Briggs (ok, everyone sigh . . Awww).

Grab your copy and join Briggs and Rynn as they come to terms with all that has happened. As Briggs and Rynn have recently been mated. Briggs being the right hand of Valor has been called to attended to some urgent matters. Rynn is by his side the whole time, learning more about the life she was thrust into . . and about herself as a whole.

You will enjoy this read so much, I honestly can not recommend this book enough.

I loved it!

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