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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Defying Pack Law

Defying Pack Law
Eve Langlais

Normally . . I'm a vampire girl. Sure, you can toss in a Werewolf from time to time and all is well. I do not generally go out and seek a book that is written about just Werewolves.

Things may have just changed.

This book was packed with heat!

I think that the overview of this book, pulled from Barnes and Nobles says it all . .

Dana fled her pack and their laws to live on her terms, but the price of defiance was her happiness.

Pack law states Lycan females must be shared by two or more males, but young and in love, Dana flees rather than be forced into a ménage. Her life on the run, constantly on guard, has no room for happiness. When her past catches up and brings her back to the home she fled, she finds herself reevaluating her beliefs. To her surprise, she discovers her body and inner wolf want to claim three males.

Could it be that now older and wiser, she can accept the Lycan polyamorous way of life? Or will jealousy and fear send her running again?

Warning: Reading this book may find you panting for three werewolves of your own. Please talk to your doctor before attempting the foursome scene portrayed in this book as it may result in numerous orgasms.

So, if that warning label there didn't scare ya off. Grab your copy and settle in, you're gonna like this!

Barnes and Noble

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