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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Megg Jensen

Honestly, I do not even know how to begin this . . .

To say I was excited about the release of this book would be a complete understatement.

Release day! Oh Happy Day!

Book is loaded and ready to go . . I find myself, taking in every word and just letting it linger in my mind a moment before moving on to the next. It isn't long tho . . before the book lets me know it has other ideas for my reading pleasure. It grabs hold of me and just RUNS! I tried to slow myself down reading it, but I just couldn't.

Just when I was thinking to myself, I got this! I have things sorted and figured out . . . yeah, I didn't. There was even a part (with the aid of my cat) that scared me!

I lifted up my eyes and in front of me shimmered a man, a tall, gaunt man with long black hair with a quill in his other hand. I let go of the book as it rotated around so that I was reading it upside down and he began to write.
(Now insert cat jumping on bed right beside you as a man is "shimmered" right in front of you!)

Reychel has some learning to do . . and not really a whole lot of time to do it in. Right from the start Reychel seems to be the only person in her life that she can trust. She finds out for sure that looks can be deceiving and that not everyone presents as they should.

I can only say . . that when the book ended . . I was wondering if I could even trust the author. I mean REALLY!?!? Did she just do this to me? I was reading along, and then it was like . . STOP! No, more. Here I was trying to figure out just who we could trust to help us out . . . and the book ended. I went back and forth through the pages, thinking for sure I had missed something somewhere . . but nope, it really did just end on me. So, now I must wait until Fall 2011 to see how this all sorts out!

(It's gonna be a long summer, huh)

So, please if you haven't already . . . grab yourself a copy of Anathema and Oubliette, then get comfy and read. See for yourself how these books will work into your mind and not let go.

Where to buy Oubliette:
Barnes and Noble

Author Website:
Megg Jensen

From Oubliette:
Love didn't die in the moment of betrayal. Like a flower at night, it only closed its petals, waiting for the sun to shine on it again.

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