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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Minion Standing

Last Minion Standing
Eve Langlais

This was another book that was on my WISH LIST and then the TO BE READ LIST all at the same time.

I picked it up the other day, and found myself wishing it were longer. The story was perfect. It honestly had the right amount of everything.

I love the fact that Sally just goes along to the beat of her own drum. It's even cool that she has a BFF who seems happy enough to follow her along.

Sally working on the top side, to bring in those that escape from below . . makes a comment, I need a Minion (sidekick)! You know, Batman had Robin kind of thing. Then it hits her, I need a name for myself too. Insert tornado of events and you find yourself in the mist of an underworld reality show. Name that super hero and become her minion.

Sally gets a call to bring in a really bad dude, but someone else below has other plans. In comes Drake! Now, his mission . . to bring in the bad guy too. His side mission, well . . if Sally were to get hurt (killed) in the process, that wouldn't be all bad. However, Drake didn't count on one thing when he took the mission. He never counted on being hit by a truck with . . . what are those things . . oh yeah, FEELINGS!

Drakes new mission, find a way to make her trust me. Find a way to make her . . Love Me!

Can he do it?

You will just have to pick up the book and read it!

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