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  • "You wanna give her candy and caffeine while you're at it?" -Mallory (Some Girls Bite)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Forever Kind of Love - Shiloh Walker

A Forever Kind of Love

I enjoyed this book so much! Although it did make me cry at a few points, I also smiled while I was reading this book.

What do you do when:
The love of your life just up and leaves after graduation?

When you have a mother, who for appearance sake allows you the privilege to remain under her roof . . until she able to give you the boot?

When the guy who was there to help pick up the pieces, asks you to marry him? (Even if you don't really love him)

Zoe gets to answers those questions and a whole lot more. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, and the return of her high school love . . could life get anymore complicated.

This book will have you feeling an assortment of feelings, from anger, sadness, to love, happiness . . and everything in between. You will want to make sure to keep the tissues handy.

I completely enjoyed reading this book, and would highly recommend it!

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