Favorite Quotes From Books I've Read

  • "You should take a pill." Roh laughed. "Something for acute-on-chronic self-righteousness."-Rho (Bleeder)
  • "So you want to see my Junque?" She wrapped the com over her ear and smiled. "I thought I already had."-Char (Space Junque)
  • "You wanna give her candy and caffeine while you're at it?" -Mallory (Some Girls Bite)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fierce Dawn

Fierce Dawn - Amber Scott

I enjoyed this book so very much!!

The first few chapters were a little slow going for me, as I tried to sort through and understand how things were beginning. Once I got the basics of the story line down, the book just took off! I found myself not wanting to put the book down, just dying to see what would happen next. Then the book ended . . . WHY!?!?!

If you are in the mood to read something that will take over your body until your finished (and even for some time after your finish) I would recommend picking up this book. You won't be disappointed!

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