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  • "You should take a pill." Roh laughed. "Something for acute-on-chronic self-righteousness."-Rho (Bleeder)
  • "So you want to see my Junque?" She wrapped the com over her ear and smiled. "I thought I already had."-Char (Space Junque)
  • "You wanna give her candy and caffeine while you're at it?" -Mallory (Some Girls Bite)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book Review

I picked up this book after having read many different thread posts discussing the book. When the discussion began, I had placed the book on my wish list . . then someone alerted the book club it was being offered for free. I rushed to pick it up thinking, "One day I'll read this." Within the first chapter or so I was hooked. I believe this book gives you a large sampling of everything one could hope to feel while reading a book. You will feel love, hate, excitement, happy, and sad (you get the picture).

To start with we have Myrna Evans. Myrna has a dark past, one she is trying so hard to escape. A marriage that was less than stellar, she has worked hard to over come the damage it done. Currently a professor, Myrna attends a conference. On her way back to her room one evening, close to the end of her stay she discovers, staying in the same hotel is one of her all time favorite bands. A band she often uses reference of when teaching her classes. After approaching their table, she proves to them she isn't just another pretty face, claiming to "know" them.

Brian Sinclair, the lead songwriter and guitarist for the band, just broke up with his girlfriend. What was her name? Jessica, Angie, . . . and is drowning his "sorrows" in his beer. Completely drunk/wasted when Myrna approaches the table he is SHOCKED when she says good bye to everyone at the table . . everyone but him. For Brian Sinclair, he was given her room number. Clearly he missed the part where she told him she could help him with his "condition" if he came to the room. He goes to the room, hoping to just NOT pass out on the way.

Myrna can't believe that Brain Sinclair is in HER room! After setting him straight, she asked him up to help him avoid an hangover . . she agrees to let him sleep there. When morning comes, he hears music, literally. This is where the book will grab you!

Get ready for a wonderful ride. This book will take you on highs and lows. Be prepared for anything and everything, because this book has it.

I would highly recommend this book, especially if you are in the mood for some love and rock n roll.

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