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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Review

Blood Knot - Tracey Cooper-Posey

What to say first, Hmmm. Let us have a moment to just take in the view of the cover to this book . . . shall we?

Ok, now stop before you short circuit the device you are using to read this review on. Now, back to what is on the inside of the book.

This book purchase for me was one based on another review. First I thought, what kind of story takes 600+ pages to tell! (I hadn't read a book that long since, ummm around Christmas). Then I started reading. The first few chapters for me were a little slow going . . full of information needed to understand somewhat of why we were, where we were. Trust, "Lucy" still has some explaining to do down the line. I'm not sure when it actually was in the story that it happened, but at some point . . you start to feel for each of the characters. Maybe you want to shake Winter and smack some sense to her! Or maybe you want to throttle Nathaniel. There maybe times you wish to give Sebastian a map and tell him to FOLLOW it! Then something happens . . and it's like HOLY COW! Somehow, this three ring circus of emotions comes together and BANG! a spectacular show is presented. This book will leave you worn out. It will drain you of emotions you didn't even know you were capable of feeling. I'm sure you will even feel a little confused after this reading book . . confused as to how on earth just reading those words made you pant a little, or moan a little, or . . . yeah, you get the picture. This book may not be for everyone. If you have an open mind, please jump on in . . the water is just fine (until you are no longer alone it, then it gets HOT!).

Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione

I bought this book simply for the fact I am in love with the Demonica Series and wanted to hold on to whatever I could of it. (I didn't wanna let go.) So, with the promise of "appearances" of some old friends from books past I jumped in! At first it was a little slow to get going. After putting the book down for a bit and looking online, I found a review that stated just that. That it's slow going but around page 100 WATCH out. That gave me hope, not to give up. (The first portion is so important to get an understanding of the story line.) After you grasp that, then the books just takes off. If you are looking for the romance/erotica of the Demonica Series, you won't find it here. Don't get me wrong, there is heat in this book! However, it's the dark parts of this book that will stick with you. By the time I finished the book, I was thinking . . WOW! Is it December yet? I am so ready for next installment.

Kissed From Beyond - Keta Diablo,
Amber Scott,
Elise Hepner,
Stacey Kennedy

What did I think . . well! To start with, let me just say . . when I purchased this book, I bought it because I love everything I have read by Stacey Kennedy so far. Now, in order to get to her story . . I had to work through the writings of three other authors.

Cradle of Dreams by Keta Diablo: What a cute story! Take a short trip back in time with Kendra/Kendrick. Get wrapped up in the feelings of a lover lost/lover found. This short story has heat, but nothing you shouldn't be able to hide if you wanna read on the beach or at the park.

A Love Soul Deep by Amber Scott: Sara, lost in her depression over the loss of love so young, so new. Can her heart ever be repaired? This book has a little more heat than the first story . . maybe you should read it at home.

One Rub More by Elise Hepner: Helena never thought that simply house sitting would turn into . . . WOW. This one just may have every woman in America on the look for a silver teapot. Most assuredly this has some heat to it . . but, you should be able to not blush . . maybe!

'Til We Meet Again by Stacey Kennedy: Cassie, it was just a make over job on an old house being renovated, right? How could a little trip to the local Antique store change a persons life? Just that quickly . . that trip did! This short story pulls you in, you will find yourself smiling . . heating up . . and then a tear rolling down your cheek!

Overall, I enjoyed the book very much and would totally recommend it for anyone looking for a few quick reads that are easy enough to follow and still offer a little emotional pull.

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