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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Burden of Blood

Burden of Blood
Wenona Hulsey

Sometimes when I am reading a book, I will take notes along the way to help when I am writing a review. This book started out with a simple page of basic information. It soon became a mess of scratched notes here and there for all the part I was falling in love with.

Ms. Hulsey has written a wonderful story here, very well balanced that I enjoyed reading immensely.

Start with her short read: Blood Awakening, it gives you the set up. Then dive right into Burden of Blood. You will find yourself hanging on every word! (At least I did)

Ms. Hulsey creates wonderful images with her words. You find yourself standing side by side with the characters. Smelling the smoke, or feeling the wind in your hair. You will hold your breath at times, and laugh out loud at other times. You will find yourself holding you breaking heart, wondering if it will ever be the same.

This is one read I am glad I didn't put at the bottom of the to be read list.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"What the hell is wrong with you girl? You're drooling over him like a fat kid in a candy store." - Nicole

"Wonderful, first two pushy warriors shadow me everywhere. Now I've got Tinkerbell shoving me around." - Nicole

"Damn it, that's twice tonight you've caused me to glow like a lightening bug." - Nicole

Now that you see a few things there are to love about this book, go pick up your copy.

Where to buy:
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