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Friday, July 22, 2011


Megg Jensen

Exactly how does one write a review for a book that has them in the corner of their room, rocking back and forth, sucking their thumb . . uncertain of everything they have ever known? (ok, everything they though they knew/understood about the book they were reading)

Let me say this:

I got this book yesterday and I began reading it last night. By the end of chapter one I was seriously HOOKED! This isn't a good thing to have happen on a night when one should be going to bed early due to a road trip scheduled to begin at 6am. Fighting it as I did, I placed the Nook on the shelf and laid my head down. The ride home had me thinking about this story, wishing I could read and drive at the same time. I even thought about stopping for a bite to eat just so I could read, however I pressed on and found my way home. It was on the way to dinner with someone else driving that I got to pick it back up and read some more. I'm sure my husband thought all my mumbling under my breath, sighs, gasps, were all related to his driving somehow, but they weren't . . it all had to do with this book. Even the points where I laughed out loud. It's the twists and turns of this story that will leave you BREATHLESS! I wouldn't even suggest trying to figure things out, because just as you think you have it . . HAHAHA, you don't! (You will hear Megg Jensen saying, "psych").

My favorite quote from this story has to be one from the beginning of the story . . . "I feel asleep afraid. I woke up with hatred in my heart." It wasn't this statement alone that had me . . but it was like the beginning of the end . . sorta, lol!

I would recommend this book to EVERYONE!

Grab a copy and settle in for an AWESOME ride! One you won't be forgetting anytime soon!

Thank you Megg Jensen for writing this story, I can not wait to see how this plays out.

Where you can purchase your own copy of Sleepers:
Barnes and Noble

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