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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dark Rising

The Dark Rising (Of Witches and Warlocks #4)
Lacey Weatherford

When Portia Mullins discovers the love of her life is still alive her heart soars. But reality sets in immediately causing it to plummet when she realizes he doesn’t remember his past life with her. Unwilling to give up, she embarks on a loving quest to restore his life to him.
Vance Mangum sees the beautiful girl claiming to be his wife, and while he can’t remember her, he can’t deny the intense pull he feels between them. Not knowing where else to turn, he agrees to give her the time she’s asked for and to assist her in the effort to recover his memories.
The two quickly reconnect, but dark surprises are lurking in the wings when Vance discovers a desperate longing for something he feels he can’t withstand. Will he be able to resist? Or will evil raise its head in a new form, leaving Portia as the prey of the very man her heart desires?
Darkness reigns supreme in this haunting tale of love and desperation, Of Witches and Warlocks, The Dark Rising. - Overview from Goodreads

Today is RELEASE day!!!!

Before I could flip on the light, Vance suddenly grabbed me from behind, turning me to face him so he could kiss me again. I wrapped my arms around him and he pushed me backward, never breaking his kiss with me while he moved in the general direction of the door. My back hit the wall when we reached it, but he didn’t stop kissing me. His hands were everywhere, in my hair, on my face, down my body, around my waist.
I disconcertedly searched for the door behind me.
"I love you," he said to me in the darkness just as my hand found the knob, and I noticed his eyes were glowing again.
"I love you too," I replied, twisting the handle. The door popped open with abruptness and we fell though the opening together onto the kitchen floor.
I started laughing and he followed suit.
"Are you okay?" he asked, his body strewn out across the top of me.
"Yes," I replied in a fit of giggles. "Are you?"
"I’m feeling pretty good right about now," he said with his sexy grin smiling back at me.
Someone in the room cleared their throat. We both glanced up to find my dad standing over us with an amused look.
"It’s nice to see things are getting back to normal around here," he said. "Surely though, there are better places than the kitchen floor."
I must've blushed twelve shades of red and Vance quickly hopped off of me, unable to keep the laughter from spilling out of him. He reached a hand out, pulling me up behind him.
"I would say I’m sorry about that," Vance said, turning to my dad. "But I’m not." He pulled me up against him and kissed me lightly one more time before he reached out to smooth some of my tangled hair.
My dad smiled at us. "As weird as this may sound, I wasn’t unhappy to see it," he replied with a knowing look.

This is a GREAT reminder that I seriously need to get on the ball and get to reading. So, lets all run together to pick up the newest installment and get to reading!!!

The Trouble With Spells
Barnes and Noble/Amazon/Smashwords

The Demon Kiss
Barnes and Noble/Amazon/Smashwords

Blood Of The White Witch
Barnes and Noble/Amazon/Smashwords

The Dark Rising
Barnes and Noble/Amazon/Smashwords
(*NOTE* Not up at BN yet)


  1. This sounds really good. I guess I should start with the first one :)

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  3. Let me try that again.

    The first one is great!

    I believe no matter where you purchase it, it's only .99

    Stephanie :)