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  • "You should take a pill." Roh laughed. "Something for acute-on-chronic self-righteousness."-Rho (Bleeder)
  • "So you want to see my Junque?" She wrapped the com over her ear and smiled. "I thought I already had."-Char (Space Junque)
  • "You wanna give her candy and caffeine while you're at it?" -Mallory (Some Girls Bite)

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Tonya Kappes

I am going to be honest here.

I was catching up on the current Facebook status updates one night when I came across one that caught my attention. It said something like, "For the first 5 people to post comment to this status I'll give an ecopy of my book Splitsville.com."

The cover was cute, and the title was catchy I jumped on it saying I'll take a piece of that. Not having a single what the book was even about.

Well, I have now read this book . . . and it was GREAT!!!

Olivia (Liv) has a problem, well . . . sorta! See, she can read auras. Which make multiple human contacts a headache for her. After being asked to break up with a guy for a friend, she comes up with a way to work, and limit her contact with people.


Wanna dump someone, but don't want to handle it yourself? Just log onto Splitsville.com, fill out the form, make a payment and wait for your confirmation email. "Jenn" will make her call, doing the dumping for you, not giving up until she gets confirmation from the person being dumped that they know that's what just happened, and the you get an email telling you it's done.
Easy as pie . . . right?
Not when your clients start coming up DEAD!
Now Olivia has to find away to keep her company from being pulled into the murder investigations. If people find out she is Splitsville.com there goes her job and maybe even her life. (You kinda piss off a few people every now and again when you have dump them for other people.)

With the help of Aunt Matilda and her friends Olivia starts trying to put things together to clear her name. Can she do it in time and keep her company/identity a secret?

A fun read, that you won't want to put down.

Now that I know what it's about . . I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a good read with lots of laughs.

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