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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ladybug Jinx

The Ladybug Jinx
Tonya Kappes

I love it when I pick up a book because of its cover and the story to follow is just as great or better. That's what happened here. I am a lover of Ladybugs (to the point I have two tattooed on my ankle and seriously need to consider getting the third one to represent my third daughter before she is grown).

Picking up The Ladybug Jinx this evening I began reading and quickly found myself sucked into this little town of Grandberry Falls, Kentucky. Where Celia and her father Marty live and run a florist shop out of Celia home.

After the death of her mother Celia decided to go after her dream, instead of living the dream of her overbearing mother. Following in the foot steps of her beloved grandfather, she jumps in and starts her own florist shop. Her father Marty runs her deliveries but having retired from his life of working is ready to actually be retired.

Sam lost his beautiful fiance Bianca to breast cancer and life in LA as a movie star just isn't cutting it anymore. Without Bianca, Sam finds living in their house, where she passed away is just to much, and one night Sam decides he must get away.

Who would have thought pulling in Grandberry Falls, Kentucky for some gas and a bite to eat would lead to a job delivering flowers for the local flower shop. Celia places the ad for a delivery boy by the forced hand of her father. Not happy about the decision, Celia thinks something isn't right about a grown man applying for a job of delivering flowers. Not happy one little bit about hiring Sam, Celia does it on a trial bases.

Now a few questions remain:

Will Sam open up and learn to love again?
Will Sam stumble on to a big family secret?

Those are just few to be answered.

Full of emotion, The Ladybug Jinx is a story of life after death. The ability of the human soul to heal and love again, and maybe even learn to forgive and trust.

A great book for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a day cuddled on the couch with your favorite beverage. One thing is for sure, you don't want to pass this story up . . It's that good!

Where to purchase:
Barnes and Noble

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